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DriveWise Borders Young Driver Initiative

Advanced Driving Courses for 17-25 year olds


Test preparation road map…

  • This is an initial plan and will be varied as necessary to accommodate individual Associate's strengths, weaknesses and rate of progress.
  • In addition to practising between drives the Associate must familiarise her/himself with the Highway Code and the information in the Associate Manual

Day 1 (morning):
  Advanced Theory presentation and discussion; demonstration of Advanced Driving techniques, especially System

Day 1 (afternoon): POWDER(Y) checks; cockpit drill; a short assessment drive followed by correction of basic faults as necessary; Introduction to the System (IPSGA)

Day 2 (morning): Check and correct starting drill; develop phases of System of Car Control; ethos of Advanced Driving; general driving skills plus use of controls - steering, braking, acceleration, gear changing. Introduce observation and planning, and commentary.

Day 2 (afternoon): Roundabouts; refinement of System and basic techniques - use of controls etc; develop extended observation and use of observation links, anticipation including “what-if” / “worst-case” analysis, planning; develop commentary; possibly basic theory and practice of cornering;

Day 3 (morning): Town work – hazard appreciation and hazard management. Rural work - refinement of all skills, especially cornering principles - reading the road; limit-point analysis; maximising vehicle stability; develop commentary

Day 3 (afternoon): Refining of all skills adding polish and smoothness and “sparkle” to the drive - development of “quiet efficiency”; check ability to perform slow manoeuvres correctly

Day 4 (morning): As previous drive, covering all road types.

Day 4 (afternoon): Mock test” with a different Observer

An IAM examiner will contact you at some point after day 3, to arrange a mutually convenient meeting place and time for your test, to take place asap after day 4.